Half Moon Bay offers a variety of wonderful filming locations, and is ideal for special events. If you are considering our City for a concert, a contest, an event requiring City street closures, motion picture or commercial filming, a neighborhood block party, or a parade or festival, then a City of Half Moon Bay special event or film permit is required.

Complete applicable applications and email, mail or hand deliver to Caroline. You will be notified by telephone and a copy of your approved application will be mailed to you.

Application Fees:


  • Certificate of Liability insurance $2 million naming the City of Half Moon Bay as the additional insured. The City of Half Moon Bay is not responsible for any accidents or damages to persons or property resulting from the issuance of this permit.
  • A Site Map showing the locations of properties in use, including proposed street closures, barricades, no parking signs, as well as, booths, tents, etc.
  • Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify any other entities that may be involved in the event (i.e., CalTrans, Highway Patrol, State Parks and Beaches, etc.) and proceed in their processing requirements.
  • Fees and costs may be paid by cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to "City of Half Moon Bay." Completed permit application packets must be mailed or dropped off at the Half Moon Bay Finance Department, City Hall Annex, 507B Purissima Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.


  1. Complete application and review Completeness.
  2. Check if a sound amplification permit is necessary.
  3. The application will then be forwarded to planning, building, fire, sheriff and public works for approval.
  4. If a planning department permit is needed, the planning permit needs to be approved first before the special event or film permit can be approved.
  5. Planning will check if there is a need for a coastal development permit, Coastal Development Permit Exemption, environmental review, bird surveys, or a biological report. (Examples: Within a Coastal Resource Area or sensitive habitat, creek cleaning, events at certain parks near sensitive habitat during the breeding season).
    1. CDP process and reports must be approved prior to the Special Event/Film Permits Permit can be issued. Applicant must notify surrounding businesses/residents of event.
  6. An administrative assistant will notify you if it is a Major or Minor Special Event and will contact you once all the departments approve the Special Event Permit.
  7. City Council is notified if event involves any street closures or of interest (concerts, etc.)
  1. Caroline Weigandt

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 650-726-8254
    507B Purissima St
    HMB CA 94019