Posted on: August 27, 2017

Highway 1 Safety & Operational Improvement Project


The Highway 1 Safety and Operational Improvement Project is a set of roadway, signalization, and pedestrian/bicyclist features and upgrades designed to increase safety and improve traffic flow along Highway 1 through portions of Half Moon Bay. It will also provide for improved response times for emergency vehicles, and median landscaping for enhanced aesthetics. When completed, this project will offer a number of improvements, including: 

  1. Safer turning and Merging Lanes:  At key sections of Highway 1, add left and right turn and merge, and provide a single lane in each direction with a center left turn lane to improve safety for traffic entering/exiting the highway from/to City streets. 
  2. New Traffic Signals:  Install new traffic signals on Highway 1 at  Terrace Avenue and South Main Street  to provide safer crossing and turning for  pedestrians, bicyclists. 
  3. Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Improvements:  Build a walkway along the east side of Highway 1 from Terrace Avenue to Main Street, and make safety improvements on the paved Naomi Patridge Trail at various intersections - these improvements, along with the new signalized intersections, will provide for increased safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Please click here for maps, updates, and more information.

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