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Frequently Asked Questions

MEMORIAL BENCHES - At this time, the City is not accepting Memorial Bench applications.

  • How do I rent space at a City Park? Users are on a “first come first serve” basis.

  • Alcohol in City Parks
    • Alcohol is not permitted in any of the City Parks, including the Smith Field Sports Facility
  • Can I reserve camping grounds with the City?
    No, please call State Parks and Beaches to make your camping reservations.

  • Can I have a bonfire?
    No, open pit fires are prohibited at all beaches in San Mateo County. 


    What is the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival?
    The Pumpkin Festival was created by the Main Street Beautification Committee in 1970 as a means of restoring historic downtown Half Moon Bay and since then the festival has helped raise several million dollars for civic projects and community service organizations throughout the coastside.  For dates and more information on this wonderful festival, please call the info line at 650.726.9652 or go to