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Building Permit Application

For new construction, addition, remodel, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, solar, dry rot repair, window replacement, deck construction, etc.

Building Permit/Plan Check Extension

To request an extension on permits or plan checks that are going to expire.

Construction and Demolition Debris Form
Requirement before and after construction for projects with construction cost of $5000 or more
Owner-Builder Declaration

Requirement for owners who are doing work on their own property.

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Handout

Explains where smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are required in residential properties. It is also a self-certification for permits that do not involve work on the inside.

Special Inspection

Required for work requiring special inspections per the California Building Code Chapter 17.

Unreasonable Hardship Application

Commercial projects with construction costs under $136,000 and is not fully accessible to the public.

Alarm Permit

A security alarm permit required for business and residential use within the City limits.

Business License
Required to conduct business in Half Moon Bay
Liability Claim Form
If you are seeking relief in the form of personal or property damages

Film Application

Required for filming and photo shoot within City Limits

Special Event Permit
For special events on City Property

Planning Permit Application
Planning Division general application form for a Coastal Development Permit and other entitlements
Measure D Residential Application Packet
Information packet and application form to be used when applying for a current year Measure D residential building allocation
Measure D Subdivision Application Packet
Information packet and application form to be used when applying for  current year Measure Ds for a new residential subdivision
Mobile Vendor Application Form
Permit to allow the sale of food or the offering of services in a mobile vending vehicle in compliance with the City’s Mobile Vendor Ordinance

Mobile Food and Mobile Vendor Guidelines

A guide to the process required to obtain a mobile vendor or mobile food vendor permit
Appeal Form
To be used to appeal a decision by the Planning Director or the Planning Commission
Pumpkin Festival Outdoor Sales Application

Permit to allow the outdoor sale and display of merchandise on private property during the annual Pumpkin Festival weekend

Required Information for Residential Projects
Additional information necessary for a complete application
Required Information For Commercial Projects
Additional information necessary for a complete application
Tree Removal Application

Permit to allow the removal of a heritage tree or a significant stand of trees on private property to be removed at the owner’s expense

Sign Permit
Permit to allow the display of outdoor signage on commercial or industrial property in compliance with the City’s Sign Ordinance
Sound Amplification Permit Application

Permit to allow the amplification of sound generally associated with either a one-time or an ongoing special event

Outdoor Water Efficiency Checklist

Checklist required to be submitted for compliance with the City's Water Conservation in Landscaping Regulations (Chapter 13.04)

Application for Public Works  

Encroachment Permit, Grading Permit, Tree Removal/Trimming Permit and Site Improvement Permit.  The application is required for all construction in the City right of way (e.g. City streets and sidewalk).  Grading permit is for projects involving the earth moving or hauling of 50 cubic yards or more.

Adopt A Park, Trail or Beach
Groups/individuals wanting to adopt a park, trail or City beach within City limits
Complaint form
Inform the City of Code violations within the City

Request for Public Records
A request for records from any City department
Willing to Serve Form

Apply for a position on a City Council, Planning Commission or Recreation Committee